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 Forum guidelines - Please read before posting for the first time!

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PostSubject: Forum guidelines - Please read before posting for the first time!   Mon Mar 01 2010, 08:59

1- Respect towards forum members: We do not expect family-friendly language at all times, but we will not tolerate any vulgar, offensive, threatening or obscene posts or any form of trolling. Messages should be written in clear English; if you wish to use another language, please add a translation. Try to be sensitive to the cultural differences between members and be respectful of personal differences. Remember, your opinions are not facts. We believe in free speech but will not allow any form of hate speech.

2- Respect towards skaters: Any information about skaters' private lives or their contact details shall be kept confidential, unless it is made public by them. Any speculation that hasn't been confirmed should be posted with caution; please make an effort to find a reputable source before posting rumors. Hateful and malicious comments regarding the personalities and private activities of skaters will not be allowed. This also applies to those involved in skating in other capacities (e.g. coaches, choreographers). Skating and public activities can be discussed freely.

3- No sales or advertising: Sales and promotional activities of any sort are not allowed on the forum. Advertising any website on the forum is discouraged and should be limited to the signatures and personal profiles. Exception: if you’ve started a personal blog, feel free to post a notice about it.

4- Copyright: Copyrighted articles or images cannot be used directly in posts, signatures or avatars. When quoting a copyrighted article, please do not use more than a short extract; always cite your source and provide a link to it.

5- Privacy: Posting contact details of others or revealing any other private information without their consent is not allowed.

6- Spoilers: Please refrain from creating any topics or messages which are spoilers for any competition results outside of the competition section of the forum.

7- Ban: Any member in violation of these rules will be given two warnings and will be banned permanently upon violating them the third time.
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Forum guidelines - Please read before posting for the first time!
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