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PostSubject: About this forum   Tue Mar 02 2010, 07:43

Euroskate was started by ice skating fans who live in and around Europe and who felt that the European perspective was at times underrepresented in many English-language skating resources. While we appreciate quite a few North American and Asian skaters, we also feel that Russian drama, French originality, Swedish weirdness, and general voidyness are much more interesting subjects for discussion than who has more transitions. Transitions are overrated anyway, and like Lord Voldemort, we’d rather just not have them mentioned – or at least not mentioned all the time.

We invite all skating fans, wherever they live, to join the forum, so long as they share our interest in European skating (we will admit, the ladies can be a letdown) and in endless skating discussions. Conspiracy theories are allowed only if they are amusing.
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About this forum
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